http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzKmGTVmqJsendofvid [starttext] Pranav mistry opens mouse sensor and make a new technology that can move the data from physical world to digital world.Just writing in a pad that will automatically added in to your computer.He just connect the both of the hand with each other and capture the photograph.Just dialing keypad from the hand and call the person he want.While at the store he takes anything and the sixth sense technology device will tell you availability of the product in market.  [endtext]

'Sixth Sense' Wearable Computer-Part-1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDFKYrSJefcendofvid [starttext] The video contains only playing racing game on just a piece of paper,Searching on the internet on it and move the information from that paper to your computer.Playing with data and information that are on the paper, just pick it up and move it to your sixth sense device, add or remove the information and print the document from that piece of paper. [endtext]

'Sixth Sense' Wearable Computer-Part-2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLPMLJgGsiAendofvid [starttext]recently I was watching videos on youtube and I found an interesting video that I wish to share with all my friends.A Girl having no head but instead her head was missing, she has an iPad Head.She is walking around Bryant Park in New York City, sitting and reading books,while one man comes to her and click on iPad touch screen, scrolling some page of that iPad having as a head of that girl and everybody around her was shocking how this could be happens!!!!

Girl having iPad Head

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3Ak3N1vqH8endofvid [starttext]Now that is amazing video I have ever seen on youtube.The girl is showing a way to protect smart phones with condom.She covers up the mobile cell phones with condom and dipping in to water bath,still sell phone remaining undamaged.She also make calls from that covered cell phone with condom and cell phone is still working.
That is an amazing video,I think you may have to try covering your cell phone with condom and you can use this technique wherever you are going like water bath, swimming pool or while taking shower.
Just make your cell phone as water proof cell phone.  [endtext]

How to Protect mobile phones from Water

[starttext] Have you ever seen Ape Monkey With AK-47 (loaded Gun)?,I just recently viewed that video in which Ape monkey is staying with soldiers and soldiers are giving them AK-47 loaded gun, Firstly monkey is dancing with soldiers and than make firing with AK-47 gun.After some dancing and enjoy, Ape si firing and all of them are getting out,It is really very funny video.Are you smarter than an ape? Challenge yourself with this memory test designed by scientists and tested on apes, see how you compare to the primate's skill. [endtext]

Ape Monkey With AK-47 (loaded Gun)

[postlink]https://livetub.blogspot.com/2011/07/how-to-back-up-your-blogspot-template.html[/postlink]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrXrtGExAu4endofvid [starttext],This video tutorial will explain you How to Back up your blogspot template, The video tutorial is provided by http://www.youtube.com/user/BloggerHowToTips You will find out more such article on their blog at bloggerhowtotips.blogspot.com
The tutorial will explain you how you should back up your blogger template, in order to make it available when changes made by you are note liked by you,No need to find out what changes you made and what you code to be replace which you previously change in your blogger tempalte and bla bla bla. [endtext]

How to Back up your blogspot template

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft_gpu_Yrb4endofvid [starttext]This video will explain you how to Get Google Plus invitation , or if you have already Google plus account and wish to invite your friend and family member to Google plus, than it is useful for you.You will get video tutorial on how to invite your friends on Google plus.I think It is really awesome feature of Google Plus like Google Plus Hangout, Google Plus Sparks,Google Plus Circles etc.What do you think about, Please share your views by commenting here.You can get Google Plus invitation online.[endtext]

Get Google Plus invitation

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVG7uOCqKx4endofvid [starttext] This video tutorial will explain you ,How to hide your email id & skype id on Facebook,Due to low security in Facebook account, sometimes your E-mail address are seen in your profile page to everyone and thats why you are getting lots of spams and various emails offers to attract you, hoverer sometimes they send you phishing e-mail to hack and steel your personal information and that is not good privacy for your account.You can get detailed tutorial on how to remove or hide email address from your Facebook profile page from the here. [endtext]

How to Hide Your E Mail on Your Facebook Profile

[starttext]Murder 2 movie is the sequel film of 2004 Super Hit Hindi Movie Murder, and is ready to entertain the Indian audience,expected to be released on 08th July 2011.The Film Stars of Murder-II are Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline Fernandez in The Lead. If you want to write a review on Murder 2 movie than Just comment in the comment box given below.

Producer of Murder 2 movie : Mukesh Bhatt
Director of Murder 2 : Mohit Suri
Music given by : Harshit Saxena, Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur, Mithoon
Writer : Mahesh Bhatt
Lyrics of Murder 2: Sayeed Qadri, Kumaar, Mithoon
Murder 2 movie releasing date : 08/07/2011.

Murder-2 Movie Songs lyrics and names are :
1.”Hale Dil”—Harshit Saxena
2.”Aa Zara”—Sunidhi Chauhan
3.”Aye Khuda”—Kshitij Tarey, Saim, Mithoon
4.”Phir Mohabbat”—Mohd Irfan, Arijit, Saim
5.”Tujhko Bhulaana”—Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur
6.”Aa Zara (Reloaded)”—Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur
7.”Haal E Dil (Acoustic)”—Harshit Saxena
8.”Aye Khuda (Remix)”—Mithoon

Watch Murder 2 Official Trailer online

[starttext] Chillar Party movie is the story of a bunch of kids from Chandan Nagar called Encyclopedia, Jhanghia, Akram, Secondhand, Panauti, Silencer, Aflatoon and Shaolin in whose lives enter two strangers persons whose names are Bheedu & Fatka.The film Chillar Party is co-produced by Salman Khan and Ronnie Screwvala & is releasing on 08/07/2011.You can write Chillar Party movie review online by commenting in the comment forum below.
Tai Tai Phiss (chillar Party Ranbir Kapoor Item Song ) can be downloaded online from the link here.
Producer of Chillar Party movie : Ronnie Screwvala, Salman Khan 
Director of Chillar Party Movie : Vikas Bahl, Nitesh Tiwari 
Music given by : Amit Trivedi 
Writer : Vikas Bahl, Nitesh Tiwari 
Lyrics of Chillar Party : Nitesh Tiwari [endtext]

Watch Chillar Party - Official Trailer online